Secrets To Passing Your USPAP Exam

USPAP Practice Test

USPAP Practice Test And Cheat Sheet

USPAP! The guidelines that appraisers pretend to love and care about.

In reality, how many just care about passing this appraisal exam? Probably most of you reading.

That’s why we at do what we do. We are here for the sole purpose of making sure you pass your USPAP appraisal exam.

Luckily for you, we have been in the appraisal industry a long time. What you are reading is the culmination of our past experience, surveys from students and colleagues that helped create the USPAP Exam.

Now before I spill the beans, let me address the certified appraisers reading this (because I can hear them moaning already). We get it, USPAP is the appraiser bible and we shouldn’t offer assistance to just pass the test. Although I disagree (obviously) I will agree that MOST appraisers don’t really make the connection between the abstracts in the USPAP course and the realities of their daily appraisal practice until their 3rd or 4th pass through the material and a few thousand hours out in the field. USPAP is not “learned” from the course or the exam. It will come with time, exposure to actual appraisal practice, and a few bumps in the road. Our goal here is to help the appraiser get to those bumps.

So my fellow colleges, deal with it.

The secret sauce revealed…..

  1. Know how many active Standards are in 2016 – 2017 USPAP and how many have been retired
  2. Know what a retrospective appraisal is
  3. Know what the rules are on record-keeping
  4. Know when an appraiser can and cannot depart from USPAP
  5. History of USPAP and why we have it
  6. Know the difference between personal property & real propertyKnow what each standard applies to (use simple notecards)
  7. Know the difference between the ASB, AQB and FIRREA
  8. The difference in a hypothetical condition and an extraordinary assumption
  9. And most importantly, weed out the dumb answers! When you aren’t 100% sure, mark out the answers that you know are wrong. You can pass almost any multiple choice test this way.

These are actual test questions submitted by users just like yourself as well as retired real estate appraisers. Know the secret sauce above, and be able to pass all of our USPAP practice test questions on the site, and you’ll sleep like a baby before the exam.
Our appraisal test content is 100% guaranteed to help you pass the exam or you get a full refund.

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