Tips For Passing Appraisal Exams

  • Exam Technique is crucial for passing appraisal exams! If you are taking appraisal practice tests (like ours) then the actual exam is just a formality! You will be confident and prepared. With failure rates at 40% – 60% you should know that just reading over the material is not enough.
  • Always have a watch with you, time management is extremely important. You don’t want to be spending too much time on one section of the appraisal test.
  • Best practice in passing appraisal exams is to always read the instructions carefully. These tests will have a few trick questions and if you do not fully read the question you will be inclined to pick the wrong answer. People tend to neglect this part but you’ll never know, karma might come back to bite you.
  • If you can’t answer the question, move on to the next one and answer it later.
  • Eat a full breakfast the day of the exam.
  • Get plenty of sleep before the test. These exams can be grueling (over 4 hours) and you need to be at 100%.
  • Manage your time for each question. Don’t spend 20 minutes on a question, skip it and return to it when you finish the rest of the test.
  • Look at the answers before the question! You are looking for keywords and vocabulary terms that stand out.
  • Work backwards to the correct answers. Eliminate obviously wrong answers and work backwards to the correct answer. You may be able to eliminate only one or two of the options. Even so, you’ve raised your odds of getting the correct answer from 25% to 50-75%. That’s a big improvement!