Pass Your Basic Appraisal Principles Exam

Pass Your Basic Appraisal Principles Exam


Basic Appraisal Principles Exam

Passing your basic appraisal principles exam may seem like a difficult task at first. Rest assured, this appraisal test is one of the easiest you will encounter in your new career. In this post, we will break down some tips and “hacks” that will make passing the basic appraisal principle exam an absolute breeze. If you are still uneasy about passing the exam, give us a visit at where you can obtain prior test questions. In fact, if you do not pass the appraisal exam with our study material, we give you your money back.
So, let’s get this appraisal mastermind rocking…
Here is a gift. The following questions WILL be on your appraisal exam.

Question  – What is the capitalization rate if the sales price is $400,000 and the net operating income is $55,000(numbers may change)?
Answer –  13.75

Question –  The right of survivorship is most closely associated with what form of ownership?
Answer – Joint tenancy

Question – . ______________ is the governmental right to affect the orderly transfer of property ownership to the state when the owner dies without a valid will and there is an absence of legal heirs.
Answer –  Escheat

Question – The principle of __________________ states that competition is good for a healthy free market, but too much competition may become ruinous. a. Answer – Competition

Question – Townships are divided into 36 sections by ___________.
Answer-  Section lines

Boom. Read them. Memorize them. It’s my gift to you.
In regards to taking the test, it is honestly MUCH different than any other multiple test questions you’ve taken in the past. All of the math questions can be hacked working backwards. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but give it a shot. Plug in each question until you come up with the answer in the question.
The vocabulary portion on this appraisal exam is what tricks so many people. You see, in the appraisal world, there are thousands of real estate terms that you will need to know and understand in your appraisal career. Take a long look at the answers BEFORE you read the question. Eliminate the ones that you know are wrong and then make an educated guess. You’ll probably get it right.
Here is my personal opinion. Don’t stress over the basic appraisal principle test.
The appraisal exam is not awful. However, if you want to be 100% sure you are going to pass. Come give us a visit at

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